Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome Home

Darling Daughter is coming home.
Mama cannot wait.
She has excelled and flourished.

A small trinket made by Mama
because I love her so.

Big sigh....

Create Change - The World Will Thank You
Project Genesis July 1st



Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Nothing makes a mother's heart sing more sweetly than one of her children coming home.
Have a nice visit...or is she staying ??


June said...

Hi dear Z,
I'm sorry I just got here after a couple days. My b-day was yesterday and I had to go find something to take my mind off of being 55.hehe
I almost did the Starbucks thing to, just to get back at myself, but as you know, the closest one is 30 miles away.
I know that your daughter is gonna love her mama for this little pretty. You are so darn talented!!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Beautiful gifts for your daughter. I've enjoyed reading through your past posts. I cried for the second time today. First, when I read Rose's (BellaRosa) post about her dad; and now when I read the post for your mom. I have a difficult relationship with my mom, too, but do my best to accept her as she is and the way things are. My dad is alive, and I would say not so well -- he hasn't spoken to my in 5 years. I love your idea for CHANGE at the first of every month. My ideas are simple, but they are what am able to do at the moment. Recycling cereal boxes and coffee cans is my latest crazy (my husband literally thinks I am crazy with all the things I am trying to save and store and upcycle :) My post from Wednesday reflects some of what I do with cereal boxes, and a few days earlier I posted the cans. Your jewelry and artwork and reflections -- all so lovely. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

Jane said...

What a gorgeous little homecoming gift. I think if I knew gifts like that were waiting for me when I got home I would be making trips home a lot :-)
Have a great weekend.

Finegan Antiques said...

It's always a blessing to have your family back together.
Enjoy your daughter.


Anonymous said...

Oh, what I wouldn't do to have some daughter-time! The little "trinket" that you made is beautiful. Have fun!

Razmataz said...

How exciting for you. Have a wonderful time with her.

Sarah said...

Somebody's wire wraps are perrrty! Beautiful bracelet, Suzan, Hannah will love it.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear mamma
You will be in heaven.. as I am late .. I guess Hannah is probably already home [Hi Hannah!!!] .. Have a wonderful time catching up..and being mother hen.. and wow.. what lovely little baubles you have created!!

ciao ciao... xxx Julie

Missing Goat said...

I love the shot of the horse in your header - beautiful! What a lucky daughter - you seem to be a very sentimental mama - I'm sure those things have very special memories attached to them.
enjoy your weekend!!! oh, glad you got your coffee at Starbucks

glor said...

Hi, just found you. Love what I've seen so far and going to get a cup of coffee later and settle in and browse. Its beautiful here. gloria

sweetlaraine said...

So happy for you....the bracelet is very pretty and I am sure your Daughter will love it. I have a bracelet I made for my Daughter all packaged up and ready to send. Wish I could give it to her in person.
have a great weekend