Saturday, June 26, 2010

A post / post

The banner paper ripped, there was no more in a dark color;
so.... Mama regroups and hand tapes letters directly to the garage door,
where because they are so pale they barely show.
That was why I had planned on a dark paper background.
duh.'s the thought

Ding Dong, " Mama I'm home"

Way 2 Go!


June said...

Z I hope you two have a blast together! I imagine she is beside herself to see how excited you are to have her home.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

What a great mom you are. Your kids sure are lucky to have you. It's the little things that moms do that they'll always remember:))

Love the sunflower too!

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

I saw a house in my neighborhood today with a similar "Welcome Home" going on ~ and thought , what lucky lucky children. we are So blessed and I do not use the term loosely. Also ~ thanks for stopping by today and what exactly ARE carom boards?

koralee said...

So cute...what a great mom you are...just found your lovely blog and I adore it! Hope the rest of your weekend is lovely. xoxo

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Suzan
Gee I can't keep up with your posts.. you busy bee!!!

I just love what you did with the garage door!!! What a mum!! fantastic... Well now your baby is home... have a great time ... girl time!!! Carole's right!! it's these little things that make life and memories so special!!!

Ciao mamma!!! xxxx Julie