Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hoho Holidays

The crafting and design continue with a slight touch of madness thrown in for good measure. The downstairs is nearly complete and even though abundant, is less than I have produced in prior years. Still quite sparkly and festive but with less post-clean up kept clearly in mind. That means no garlands winding up the stairs and no full size trees on the second floor. No snowy scenes atop the fridge, and no jingle collared pooches. Each Wednesday will be White Christmas Wednesday till, well, Christmas!

Now I must decide if I should purge those "not chosen" items from garage storage or save them for future Holiday designs. If I was my own client, I would recommend the purge because I know that every subsequent year will follow the less is more philosophy. If I reduced by 20% each year I would still have plenty of decorations to use for the next 10 years. I frequently read on blogs how collectors end up opening shops just to manage the stuff in their homes, and it is easy to understand how that occurs. So, purge it is! If I am truly brave I will let all the Halloween go first since I barely use it at all, swimming up stream against the flow of increased interest of all things spooky.

Either way the weird timing of things this year has allowed me to complete all this before Thanksgiving and while you are all busy elves the next few weeks I will be for stuff! ha! and ho-ho! see you WW.

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