Thursday, October 1, 2009


It's not just the weather, it's not just the 1 year anniversary of the passing of sweet Viola, it's not just the end of a courageous journey for dear friend Sue, or even the conclusion of the last major job assignment. It is the windows flung open and the sound and smell of freshly mowed lawns. It is the house being cool enough now to simmer soups on the stove top and bake brownies, and burn my favorite cookie crunch candles all day long.

It is the end of the summer heat that I have always disliked, OK, I out and out HATE the heat here. It is not the sweet gentle warmth on your skin that I remember as a child. Here it is the blistering, breath sucking, melt your mascara heat that causes me to hibernate for three months, this year, nearly four.

I want to sew and bake and garden and do all the things that I am too heat-weary to do all summer long. I was meant to live in the cold, like Rhoda, I figure I would keep better.
October is the beginning of all my favorite things, gourds and pumpkins, Thanksgiving leftovers and Holiday Sparkle and Glitter. Woo-Hoo October at last.


June said...

Drat! your blog has not been showing on reader and I thought you were taking a very long break, but I see now that you have been posting all this time and I have missed them.
I do feel for all of you who have suffered with such heat this summer. I loved how you described it as mascara funny, but so true. I'm happy for you that you love the Fall and that it is finally here.

Sea Witch said...

Just discovered your blog through another blog and so on and a so on. Love the name and the sweet photo of the ole nag in the barn. Must be a cousin of mine. Have a peaceful and fun filled day. Sea Witch