Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's Official

I bought my first Christmas Ornament (Actually 3) this weekend! Currently we are practicing an austere program around here, but I figured I could spring for the $18.00. I passed on numerous other items that in the past would have found their way into my basket and not just for a "ride in the cart."

To those who do not understand that personal philosophy: I have found that if I put things into my cart on first whim and then proceed through the store enjoying the shopping experience, that by the end of the last aisle I have convinced myself that I really do not need this item or that item and I am quite content to return them to their appropriate shelf. Leaving the store with few and now quite often, no items, gives me a non-shopping high that is nearly equal to it's opposite.

Of course this entails returning all items back to their rightful place, otherwise said high is dampened by guilt of causing store employees additional work. Now, some of you will find this system does not work for you because you are not so easily fooled by your own mind, but giving treasures a "ride in my cart" works for this fool.

Sharing the experience this weekend was my friend Sarah. We had spent weeks together readying for the huge garage sale and I felt we deserved a fun day out and about, even on restricted budgets. Chipotle was involved, and lots of gab, all in all a nice break on a glorious fall day. The highlight being Sarah patiently guiding me through the agonizing decision of a new, delicious, clearance priced, butter yellow, leather purse to replace my beloved Michael Kors flaming orange ranger bag. My first Makowski. We'll see...After all, it is a "rebound" purse after a two year love affair.

On my way home I stopped at Home Depot and grabbed some great faded yellow ( must have been the purse influence) pots and plants that will be waiting for their new home in the yard after the de-lawning ceremony on Wednesday. Yes, I surrender to the "PC no grass", less water waste of desert living. Only took 32 years. Constant sprinkler repair and old lawn syndrome were weighing heavily in the decision process, but I am taking a leap of faith, and quite nervously forging ahead. I figure if I throw enough old wheelbarrows and galvanized tubs around it will end up OK. Major pruning to be done. I have to remove the top half of my beloved banks roses because they have broken through 2 wooden trellis that I am replacing with metal. My roses will look scalped until spring, and I just realized they are yellow!. It's official then, a mellow yellow weekend. I hope you are enjoying yours.


Faded Charm said...

I'm loving that beautiful yellow rose bush and also that yellow purse. It's funny because I used to not like yellow so much, but now I love it in all it's wonderful shades.

Take care,

June said...

Hi Suzan, will you forgive me for being a bad, bad blogging bud?
I loved reading all your posts that I have missed. You see you do not come up on my reader and I keep missing you.
Anyway...I love what you wrote about how you shop...I do the exact same thing. I will put the 'object of my affection' in my cart and then in a few minutes I decide I already have plenty, and put it back. If I allow myself to 'own' it for a few minutes I don't feel denyed somehow. I'm a fickle that way.