Sunday, February 8, 2009

FInish it Day?

I said I would post pics of Queen of Hearts but we were so busy and having too much fun to stop and take pictures. OK, truth is, I just plain forgot till everyone was packed up and ready to go. I almost forgot to serve the white chocolate cheesecake dessert, and would have if Sharon hadn't mentioned it! Whew, thank you Sharon. Five cheesecakes..somewhere a weight watchers fairy is breathing a sigh of relief on my behalf. Poor Sue had to leave a little early to pick up her daughter and she did miss cheesecake! I owe you one dessert Sue.

Everyone made the sweetest little heart soaps and I have a feeling that everyone will be making soaps at home very soon. There were nine projects in this class and not all of them were completed so a Finish it Night was discussed and we are due for another one soon. I think it should be a Finish it Day so we get even more done. How about a Finish it PJ day? Come in very comfy clothes and slippers and we'll have a comfort food pot luck. Mac and Cheese, Hearty soups, that kind of thing. Email me if you are interested and your preferred day Sat or Sun. Day with most votes will win, and we'll shoot for early March. Start thinking about unfinished projects that you want/need to complete.

Thank you to my "Queens" who attended yesterday, regal women all.

I hope everyone has a special Valentine this it spouse, friend or new grandbaby.
Love to all.

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