Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Early voting is going on right now, so I went to the trailer in the Target shopping center at Silverado Ranch and voted. WOW, this one is so important and meant so much to me. I almost gave a little shout of Hurrah! as I exited but didn't want to "wigg" out the little old lady behind me. ( that is for Sarah :-)) Hope all of you will be voting and if you don't plan to vote, please don't tell me, ever, because I cannot imagine what I would have to say about that!

Another tree is completed, this one in the Master Bedroom. It's all done in browns and creams, some vintage dark golds and felt penny ornaments that I taught and made last year in a Gathering class. I am making more felt ornaments for the tree and will post pics when completed.

Next week will be the week all the Christmas stuff hits Target and Pottery Barn. There are some beautiful stitched linens at Target in greys and cream.They "took a ride in my cart" today. If they are an indication of the Christmas Ornaments to come, I'm in trouble. Sue tells me that she has a Pottery Barn Christmas catalog that she picked up at a PB demonstration last weekend and she says it is mercury glass, glitter and gleam all the way. I popped in there today and I see a lot of bright colors being unpacked..purples, greens, turquoise. That will be great if they stick to that palette, no temptation for me, although, I already spotted a terrific mercury glass compote today. sigh.

Another note: so if the economy is doing so poorly, how come all the stores were packed today? PB, Home Goods, Michaels, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning- all crowded and the people were standing in lines at checkout not just roaming about. Why was I there in this poor economy? Returning stuff I didn't use in the last photo shoot. I found a couple of treasures but they were gifts for others. I also found some great glitter things for the Dec craft article for polished. I am going to do some very luscious Victorian cones in red/silver and green/gold for the crimson and clover theme. Hope to have those completed by the weekend.

Last chance to sign up for Finish it Night, (the deadline was the 25th but if you call ASAP...) and ladies I need to know what you are bringing for potluck, so give me a ring OK? I think we have at least one sleepover guest so far. I had better do the tree in that room next so it can be enjoyed that night. As weird as it is, decorating this early, I have been enjoying the twinkle lights every night. I'll really get some use out of them this year.

Everyone enjoy the shortened week, and come on by to play if you are in the neighborhood. The studio is open and busy.

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