Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Moon Me And Death Cleaning

Well, it was a different birthday.
I still got some fun gifts,
fun food, and saw my kids
via Zoom for over 2 hours.
All remotely

These are different times for sure.

Hannah got me a wireless moon lamp

Very fitting since the moon is ruler in
my sign of CANCER.
Also she frequently signs off
love you to the moon and back.

In addition to a neat message board,
Ben got me ALL the fixings 
for ice cream sundaes.
ALL -peanuts, cherries, bananas,
waffle bowls, candy bar mix-ins,
syrup and a VAT of ice cream.
I plan to just rub it on my hips and ass
as that's where it will end up anyway.

I saw my first human I personally know
up close, as my friend Sue shopped for me and
brought me brownies and scones.
I've been alone 173 days.

We were masked and sat about 10 feet apart,
but I was still nervous.
Walter wasn't horrible but he was nervous, maybe 
feeding off my energy.
He isn't socialized to people yet poor thing
but he tried. 

I've been doing a lot of chatting to my sister moon,
as she peeks just under my window frame
while I lie in bed. I ask for protection
for my family and yours.
It never hurts to have the universe pulling for you.

I am just three years younger than my folks were
when they passed. That's a pretty somber thought.
Years ago I talked about being prepared and not leaving
a mess for your loved ones.

It bears rereading

Now is a perfect time to take care of that,
so if you haven't
 get on it!

Love you guys



Mugwump Woolies said...

Happy Birthday, Z!!! Sounds like a fun fun as possible in the time of Corona. I'm so glad you have Walter to snuggle and love. You raised fine human people too, momma! All those yummies...I think I'd put them in my tummy before rubbing them on other parts. But that's just me. Love the Annie and I are big moon followers. We have, on occasion, danced in our driveway at 2 a.m. under a full moon.
It is hard to stay positive during this mess of a time. Annie and I have not been out since March 12. My husband goes to his office and closes the door for the day. The courthouses remain closed, so his work is through the clients in the office. He has lots of meetings with a zillion people on the screen.When he comes home...he takes his clothes off in the garage and takes a shower.
We live in a state with an idiot for a governor so I foresee this as our life for many more months. I do not even think about going out. Annie has adjusted well and understands we will be home for a long time.
We can only look forward to a change in Washington come November. I still live in disbelief that he was elected the first time, I can't fathom four more years of ineptness and lies and complacent sycophants.
Stay well..and try to stay calm. xo

Prims By The Water said...

Thanks for the laugh on where you should put your sweets! So glad you were able to celebrate your birthday a little bit and happy belated one! Janice

Kit said...

Well a huge Happy Birthday to you!! I love your presents. I love the moon too. The cresent moon is my best bud. I am still nervous around folks and still social distance from even my children. I have no urge to re-enter the world. I am best friends with the wonderful people who load my You take care. Love ya, Kit

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well happy belated birthday Z! Sounds like a pretty dang nice celebration....absolutely LOVE the moon lamp (I'm a moon child too...although not according to the calendar as you)...and I've never met a sundae I haven't loved LOL....hold the waffle cone though and take me directly to the good stuff. I often think about "death cleaning" poor son is an only child and certainly doesn't appreciate my "collections" so I know what I need to's the doing part that gets me every time t hough. Stay safe & well ~ Robin

Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

Well dang! Happy Belated Birthday Z! Now don't be smearing all those goodies straight on, you'll miss all the real joy and pleasure of your birthday treats! Yum Yum! Yay,a real people meeting! That is awesome, and I know weird eh. I feel strange meeting with someone and try to avoid whenever possible. Thank goodness doctors can do telephone appointments. Have missed the optometrist and the dentist...they can wait. (I promised myself to brush my teeth longer and floss more and eat more carrots). It's good to be cautious, don't let your guard down. Thanks for the reminder again on the Death Cleaning (ugh) I think I am doing okay and then I scroll through my Instagram feed and want want want! The kids will certainly bring a dumpster for my collections. Paperwork... I am always shredding, can't wait to get of rid that. It will be my shoes, clothes, fabric hoard, and sewing supplies they will have to find a home for. I bet they fight over the couch and the patio furniture.

Tracey Broome said...

Happy Birthday!! Just catching up here. 173 days! Yikes, I am close behind but I have not been completely alone, Gerry and Wes are here. I don't think I will know how to be around other humans when this lest up, it is so odd to me to think about it. The birthday gifts sound wonderful. We have celebrated Wesley birthday, Mothers Day and Fathers Day with cover and it was different but very nice. My birthday is coming up soon and then Gerry's and then what will Christmas be like ugh!
Stay well, mentally and physically! xox

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Belated birthday greetings Z .... I love your moon lamp and the ice cream sundae ingredients .... great presents. Good that you saw a friend ..... try not to worry too much.
During this pandemic, I have cleared quite a lot of stuff but could have done more. Painted and distressed an old fitted cupboard in one of our bedrooms. I shall do a post about it soon but, of course, forgot to take a before photo ! .... doh !!!
Look after yourself. XXXX

June said...

I've been doing just that very thing as of late. Not because I plan on going soon, but just for my own sanity really. I'm happy to say that I've been using my time at home wisely. Tossing and filling boxes for when Idaho lets us take our donations to their drop offs. Happy late Birthday to you Z!!!
sending hugs....