Thursday, November 7, 2019

Howie Up Date

Howie turned south pretty quickly
 after I posted last night.
I decided to stay up and watch him all night and I
am so grateful I did. 

Vomiting and worse came on very fast and by 
2:30 am I was racing cross town to 
the emergency hospital.

By the time I arrived he was critical and they 
jumped into action. At 5:30am I had to
 drive home to get 
another 0/2 tank as mine had run out,

I was back at emergency by 7:00am
and then I transported him IV's and all
back to original vet hospital.

By now he was in serious condition but
even the short ride over spiked his fever and we
were dicey again. He has been admitted for 2-3
days and prognosis is still up in the air.

I'm a mess. Three hours sleep in 3 days
and I've cried rivers.

All I can think is he's in pain which 
he is and it's severe. They cannot give pain relief 
because of other issues.
He looks at me, when he can, to say
why Mom why?

I can't stay there with him,
even though they all notice his breathing calms
 when he can see me.

My heart is breaking.

He needs your prayers also, not just the hundreds
Hannah and I have been sending out, so
please if you would?

As soon as there is good news I'll write again.

thanks guys



Kit said...

Praying for your sweetie. And you too. Love you, Z 💕

Trisha said...

Sending so many prayers!

Curtains in My Tree said...

This is HORRIBLE for us and our pets
I have cried rivers also for my little pugs who have died in years past

I feel your pain