Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Still Here - Still Playing

Brown Paper Packages Class was last weekend
We went from these kits,

to this, in the blink of an eye.

I provide all the supplies needed,
but encourage students to bring special 
items to make their projects
more personal.

I didn't snap a pic of the two big racks of 
ephemera, papers, tapes, ribbons, tags,
tinsels, stamps, inks, etc they also use.

We were all in the living room,
since the late season heat wave
 prevented us using the new garage 
studio space.
Next class hopefully.

I had some samples left over so 
I painted and silver leafed
a branch from my 21 year old tree that
I just had removed, and then hung it above
my sink and draped
more tags and mementos from it.

I will add some teensy battery lights,
 as soon as I remember the
perfect spot where I put them, dang it.

I'm playing in the studio all week
making pumpkins
like these yummy chenilles.

also working on projects for two
 upcoming Gatherings,
and Christmas items for boutique.

I rearranged the studio about a week ago and
I am loving the new lighter, brighter area. 
I removed the curtain that kept the studio hidden.

Floor space remains the same,
 but visually much more open.

I also cleaned and purged 
every single cupboard and drawer!
I now have many empty ones which also 
makes me happy.

All the kids will be here  
quite soon, fitting in a visit,
 in between extremely
busy schedules.



Leslie said...

Love your studio. Just wanna come over and look in every drawer and cupboard!
The class looks interesting. Making stuff from brown paper and whatever appeals to me. Is there an online version of just instructions?

Tanya said...

What a happy class - glad you girls had so much creative fun. LOVE the branch-ful! Mom was in last week, and we had a different kind of fun here in Vegas. Back to sewing yesterday - original 1940's pattern for a Pendleton 49er jacket that I was a bit leery of, but has me wondering today just why the pattern companies didn't stick with how easy and great this was made, instead of making today's patterns so hard to decipher. Happy Creative Wednesday, my friend - glad to hear the kiddos are coming your way!

Kit said...

Ooooo,I love how everything looks. Your creating space is fantastic too! :) Kit

Consider It All Joy said...

Oh it all looks like so much fun, fun, fun! I love the colors I see, and all the bits and pieces you have to use for those projects. I'm sure that your 'class' was a blast!! Enjoy the week ahead! Blessings, Cindy

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a fun class! You are keeping busy! I will get out my pumpkins I bought from you this coming week! October is on it's way!

Kathy said...

Oh that class looks like it was so much fun and i adore the new wide open studio space!

Jill said...

I have a number of branches just hanging out in closets/porch/garage for when I finally do something with them. Never thought of silver leafing them. That is quite sharp looking! I bet the ladies all had a great time with you there.

Terra said...

That is very organized and I admire how you did it. The branch that you painted and silvered looks perfect as a place to hang art projects.

jenclair said...

Oh, I'm finding so much inspiration here. LOVE the branch with the hanging Halloween objects!