Wednesday, May 21, 2014

IKEA Ektorp In A Box

The hardest part is wrangling the box.
It recommends two people.
I recommend two people.
Of course I did it alone 
because I could not wait, 
and I'm stubborn like that.

Six bolts and four legs.
Air compressed cushions that 
spring into shape and fill up the porch.

One box of tightly packed slipcovers

..and $399.00 and 30 minutes later 
I have a sofa.

Everyone has had a nap on it so far,
so we're good.
Damn, I wish IKEA would come
 to la la land.

It is only going to 80 today.
We're in heaven.
Hannah working on free lance job
 at dining table, with windows open 
and outdoor fountains sounding pretty.

I'm getting ready for carpet cleaners,
who are DESPERATELY needed.

Kitchen cupboards are painted,
just in time for 
party here Saturday.
Garage stacked full of Hannah's
 belongings for move.
I'm going to need air compressed
everything to fit in 2 cars!

Mattress ordered, fridge ordered,
base cabinets and counter top ordered
as this is the ENTIRE kitchen.

Can you believe - no fridge?
New 4' counter topping 2 cabinets will sit along the 
kitchen floor/carpet line.
Now they have 2 drawers also.
I found them unfinished at Lowes
for 97 each and counter top for 57.

IKEA had some more expensive and half the size.
They can resell these or take with them
when they move from here.
Couch will butt up against back of cabinets
Roughly 460 sq feet total
to work with.

(couch may have to wait- we'll see)
And yet they feel like it's huge coming from
NYC apartment.

I am going to try and photograph
our transformation if I have time.
We have great plans
and it should be charming.
Stay tuned.



Tanya @ Bead and Needle said...

Curiouser and Curioser...looks like I've missed a few posts - going back, now. Hope all is well - looks like you're busy!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I love that sofa Z ….. and, we have a couple of Ikea's very near to us ….are you jealous !!!! haha
You're doing a grand job. XXXX

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Wow looking so great! I want that couch. I bought another one when I moved but I wanted the IKEA couch and still do. Maybe I'll sell this one and buy that one,what do you think of the quality of it???

Tracey Broome said...

But there is a gas stove! Give me 1000 sq ft and a gas stove over 3000 sq ft and an electric stove any day! I almost got that sofa but I walked into a Habitat Restore and found a Mitchell Gold just like it for $75, washed the slip covers,new sofa! God I love recycling thrift stores:-)
Looking forward to your photos. I know about the daughter belongings in storage, I got three rooms full here... Ugh.

Jillayne said...

If you're involved, I'm positive it will be charming... you have a knack...

Kit said...

Great sofa! And nice job putting it together. :) Kit

Lana said...

Love the couch and your stamina in getting things done! I should photo my back "catch all" room to show you my sorted (and often, sordid!) mess that has been waiting on me for 2 weeks to finish!! ENJOY time with DD and love every minute of the memories! L.

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Couch in a box. I love it! They'll be fine w/ 460 sq. ft. ~ the Hubs and I are more than fine w/ 375.

Hope you can share photos of the transformation. It will be fantastic!!!


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

So happy I stopped by, looks like I have a lot of catching up to do!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I have never seen a Pop Up Sofa before LOL

Kathy said...

Amazing that sofa could be squished in a box!! Can't wait to see the apartment.

June said...

With you at the helm, it will be amazing Z!!! I also wish I had your energy:)))
big loves...