Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the inJUSTICE of it all

AS if being nearly blind and deaf and covered
 in over 200 warts were not
 enough hardship on our girl Justice,
she started to grow an enormous cyst
 on her flank in December
 and today I realized I could not hesitate
 any longer as it was now growing at warp speed.
Off to see our beloved Vet
we went.  He had a pretty open afternoon and 
since he was afraid to put her under,
 he did a local and 45 minutes later
 I picked our old girl up and brought her home.
We love DR T and I told him so today.

She is very restless, and the cone on a blind dog
 is even more complicated.
I snapped this series of photos in under 2 minutes as she 
tried to get comfortable. I moved a donut bed into the room
for ease of maneuverability and then when she whined for her 
regular brown sided one I moved that in next to her.
I also lay down a dog car mat to protect the white wool rug...

Then she decided three separate times 
to lie behind the curtain,
and became caught up in it and the cone each time.

Round and round we went from round bed
 to regular bed,
 to floor, to tangled, UNTIL... 

(You can see her sizable new bald spot,
told you that thing was large)

she walked under the desk and stole Howie's bed,
quite an acrobatic feat with a small front opening.
He chuffed at her ( BAD HOWIE!) until she 
relocated out to the living room.

My poor girl.
It's gonna be a long night folks.

Justice will be 12 on March 3rd.
She's a trooper.

Tomorrow evening I'll pull the two winners 
from the giveaway...so still time to enter.

good luck to all and a special thanks
 to those sweet pals who posted about it
and said such kind words.
damn... bloggie pals are wonderful.

In other quick news
Hannah finished filming her final short film 
Monday morning and all went well.
After having Sandy delay the shoot in December,
and ripple down to losing her DP 
and a couple actors etc and having
 to find a totally new local etc..my girl pulled it off.
Including buying all the food and catering the crew
herself to save money. She came in way under budget,
and the crew loved her.

Ben did a shoot a week ago but I don't know the details of
that or I'd be braggin' on him also.

Mama is so proud of her bambinos.
see you tomorrow evening 



Julie said...

Oh your poor old dog :-(
Poor Justice ... I really truely feel for her as we have an old dog too (14) & its hard enough without the added hassle of the cone.
Do hope she soon settles down for you & that she doesnt need it on for too long.
Thinking of you - Julie :-)

helen tilston said...

Oh dear you have had quite the day with Justice and no doubt are tired also. I hope all of you get a good night's sleep.

Congratulations to your bambinos on their success

Helen xx

c. Joy said...

It's all fun and games until somebody gets a cone. Poor Justice. (Poor Justice's mom!) I hope you get some sleep - her too.

faye said...

poor girl :(

Kit said...

I feel so bad for your pup. :( I hope she heals up quickly. Kit

Tracey Broome said...

I didn't mean to laugh at your poor sweet dog when I read this but I did. I can so relate, I had a skin cancer removed from my back last summer, a rather large incision that seemed a bit much to me, but I felt just like your poor girl, roamed around all over the place trying to get comfortable, when I read your post, I had flashbacks! And also relating to wrapping up shorts. My second year film girl wrote a 3rd year and a 4th year screenplay, both just closed production, screenings soon!! And then she is transferring here to go into journalism. I know how proud you are, feeling much the same here:) I wish her much success, the world needs some great women out there making films!

Kathy said...

Oh, poor Justice and poor Z. Yes, I think you have a loong night ahead. Wishing you both well and a better day tomorrow!

Jillayne said...

"InJustice" is right - poor old girl...talk about adding insult to injury. I hope she is able to be comfortable (a big shout out to poor Howie!) and that darn cone doesn't tangle her up any more.
Talk about being a little trooper!

Robin Larkspur said...

hugs and healing light to sweet Justice. I am glad she did not receive a general anesthesia, so hard on old hearts. Good luck keeping her comfy!

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Poor baby...

Bead and Needle said...

Kisses to Justice - so sorry.

Jackie said...

Oh she just looks miserable, I hate those darn cones of shame!! Can't they come up with a better solution?? I hope she heals quickly! Hugs, jackie

Beckyjean said...

Poor little girl.

Claudia said...

Give sweet Justice a kiss for me. Cones are never fun, but having to deal with one with her problems is an added indignity!


Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Many hugs to you + Justice. Our animal companions are so brave and add so much to our lives.
Minerva ~

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Poor Doggie! It is so hard seeing them in the cone and trying to get comfy. We just went through a lot with Mr. Toes so I know how you feel. Congrats to the girlchild for finishingher film. Can't wait to see it! Big Hugs, Linda

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

I feel for her, and you. Our dear old dog sounds similar (minus the cone). Justice looks adorable and loved. All your 2 n 4 legged babies do actually! I've tried catching up and so enjoyed each n every post~ yes even your sickly ones! Sadly my internet is always slow n sickly so I never have time to see as many pics/posts as I'd like. I love your style. Thanks for sharing!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Thank goodness Justice is in good hands. I know the next few days may be rough, but hang in. Our 12 year old dog Winslow Homer has been blind for the past two years however, he has adapted well. It is not always easy but we seem to manage. Sending wellness wishes, Julie.

Cindy said...

Poor Thing!! Our old Red is about 14 (He just showed up at the gate one day, skinny, mangy and scarred)
But is the BEST dog ever! well, beside my other pup, Tessa. He is getting where he can't see and hear. Breaks my heart..
I hope sweet Justice gets well soon! Give him a big belly scratch from me!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Pitiful baby, so sorry our animals have to go through same hardships as us senior people

Hope she calms down and sleeps good

Anonymous said...

Poor baby.I hope she is feeling better soon and for your older children.CONGRATS.

Jacqueline Prajza said...

Poor babies - her and you. Hope she gets well soon.

Theresa said...

Poor girl! Our Jazz is 13 and so we are experiencing some 'old dog' issues too. :(
Congratulations to Hannah!
love, t.xoxoox

Lorraine Finkbeiner said...

Poor thing! I know she's getting lots of loving care!