Friday, December 7, 2012

Waiting on Justice

I was awakened VERY early this morning by howling and 
quickly discovered our Justice 
seemed to have lost her sight entirely. 
Terrified and unable to hear me reassure her, 
she was hiding under chairs and 
behind them scurrying around the living room. 
I had a thought that her collar and leash might reassure her,
so I grabbed them and sure enough she walked calmly
 out the door to the yard with Howie leaping along side.
 Once she got there, she calmed down and I sat on the porch
 and watched them and snapped some quick pics.
Anyone remember my floppy stars from a few years ago?
I solved the far....
(Since the pic, I removed the wreath, they looked silly together)

After about 15 minutes Justice trotted back inside
and went to her water bowl and then 
calmly walked straight to her bed and went to sleep,
apparently able to see out of her one eye once more.
She still seems to have a problem with the 
smaller doorway into the kitchen and family room.
She hesitates, then shakes a lot and then dashes through. 
The peripheral vision thing must be difficult for her.

I know there will be more incidents like this morning in our future.
Darling Daughter has not yet seen her like this.
I am glad that she will be home during 
the day to provide Justice comfort when I cannot, 
and perhaps spend her last days with her.

I have no idea how we will care for a blind and deaf dog,
who has many other health issues.
 One day at a time.

Today I'm just going to enjoy the chilly weather
 and the holiday dressings around oldgreymare, 
drink my coffee and get to work.


Debbie said...

I came over to see what you've been up to. LOTS of decorating, I see. After scrolling through your last few posts, I'm in the mood to decorate some more.
I am listening to Michael Buble' hubby says it must be French for bubble...what a dufus!!! and I plan to deck the halls with a few more pieces because I love your look.
Your place looks absolutely wonderful, Z!
You always inspire me.
I am sorry to hear about your pup. They truly are faithful friends, aren't they?
Big hugs to you.

Razmataz said...

It is really hard when they start to decline. My Gracie and Mooch both had episodes of Vestibular Disease which is an imbalance of the brain causing them to think up is down and spinning. It takes a few hours (or days) for their brain to adjust and it appears that they have lost their sight when in fact it is more of a balance thing. The leash always helped as did putting down dark colored rubber backed mats so they could see the floor. Look it up. It sounds like Justice may have Vestibular.

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

It is so hard to watch them failing. We watched our 16-year-old beagle go downhill for about a year. She was deaf and she could see a little, but her eyes were so foggy and you could tell she couldn't see much. She also was having accidents daily. We wondered how we would know when it was time...she still loved to be held and rubbed, she still ate a little and loved Milkbones, so we just continued to baby her. When her front legs quit working one morning, we watched her struggle to get around-but she did it. One day, a few months ago, my husband carried her outside and she couldn't stand up. We was time. I held her all day, hand fed her pieces of her treats, and talked to her even though she couldn't hear me. I also cried like a baby for hours...and late that afternoon, we called our vet and let her go. It is so hard but you really do know when the time has come. I'm sorry you have to go through this. They are family.

Susy said...

My heart goes out to you ~ it's not easy caring for an aging animal.

Looks like you're ready for an old-fashioned Christmas. It's a feast for the eyes. Enjoy your time with Darling Daughter.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

So sorry about Justice's failing health. Losing those we love is so very hard. Your decorations look lovely and inspire me to get moving!
Take care...L

Robin Larkspur said...

Ah, Z, so sorry about Justice. Such a good girl. I wish you all peace.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Everything looks very nice, the Stars are great!

So Sorry to hear about your Justice we went through that with our Chocolate Lab a few years ago.Hard to watch them go downhill.

~Blessings Kim

Bead and Needle said...

My heart just sunk to my stomach...I am SO sorry, Z...precious little Justice - you know I love her! XOXO Tanya

Lana said...

Bless your heart...and hers. The loving and patience will help all of you; it's just hard.
Your home is so soft and beautiuful, Z. I'm sure it is a good place for all of you ("creatures great and small") to land.
~Christmas wishes~

Jill said...

I very sorry about your companion. He is blessed to have you with him as I'm sure you feel blessed to have him.

Primitive Stars said...

How heartbreaking, hope all goes well for Sweet Justice.......Love all your Christmas decor......looks warm and wonderful......Blessings Francine.

Primitive Stars said...

How heartbreaking, hope all goes well for Sweet Justice.......Love all your Christmas decor......looks warm and wonderful......Blessings Francine.

Kathy said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about Justice. We know the day will eventually come but it doesn't make it any less painful. Sending big hugs your way!!

Donna said...

My heart hurts for you. I know first hand how it is to have a dog child and to have to watch then start to fail.
I hope things get easier for you!
I love what you've done for the very festive!
Take care...I am thinking of you!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Always hard when our furry one's start the downward spiral. Enjoy Christmas with all you family. Big Hugs, Linda

Kit said...

So sorry about your dog. Very hard to watch when we love them so. Love all your decor but especially that "item" in your chair. What is that!? Looks fantastic. Kit

erin said...

oh z, i know how this feels and it is sooo hard to have an ailing her deeply while you can...she feels your love. you have made such a warm and cozy festive home that anyone would feel comfy in...i'll be right over.

Jacqueline Prajza said...

In the last few months in the life of our dear old american cocker spaniel, Meg, she was totally deaf and 95% blind...what remained was her memory of us through touch and a very keen sense of smell. If ever we needed her to come to us, all it took was a piece of warm, buttered toast and she was there in a flash.
I will say though, her nemesis during that time was stairs...we had to watch her like a hawk around them.

wendy said...

so sad to hear about your precious dog. That would be difficult I am sure.
I am loving , however, your country look for Christmas

Jillayne said...

Oh boy - those last days.... the days you soak up every bit of them - the smell and feel, the expressions and habits - all the smallest details of a life and soul... there are never enough.
Wrapped in love and caring.

Cindy said...

I am sorry to hear about Justice. Poor baby. You are dong a wonderful job taking care of him, he knows how loved he is!

Anonymous said...

Your home pictures are beautiful..Poor Justice..We get so attached to our pets and it breaks our hearts to see them hurting..Wishing for good days ahead for Justice..

Romeo said...

Oh danggit :( I am so sorry to hear that Justice is having a tough go of it. It is heartbreaking when they get old and don't understand what is happening to them :( Sending you both hugs.

"Her" and Romeo

Phyllis said...

Hi - go visit acd6pack blog. She has several blind and deaf dogs and can help you with Justice. My dog is in early stages of dimentia and some health issues that are related to age. It's tough to go through.