Sunday, July 29, 2012

Small Packages - St Anthony - Gifts

This fella decided to perch on a string of lights today
 just outside
the window above my kitchen sink...
he perched there for a long time....
left .....
returned and stayed a while longer
off and on
for hours

I decided that he liked his reflection in the glass.
He was less than 5 inches from the window and I watched his beak open and close, open and close as I stood directly in front of him
at the sink.

...and because I know some of you enjoy my
misadventures I will relate my latest.

The front yard was in dire need of a cleanup 
so yesterday I did just that, blowing an enormous pile of debris up and toward the garage door to be bagged.
Not wanting to blow it into the garage,
I hit the coded box and lowered the door.
Now that seems reasonable enough, 
but what you should know is that I have been having trouble with the code box for some time, and lately it has been working 
about 5% of the time.
the other 95% of the time was the hundreds of times
 I kept pounding
 those buttons to no avail.

Yep 104 degree heat and I am locked out.
 I failed to unlock any of the other doors 
into the house.
Do I have an extra emergency key?
yep, hidden INSIDE the garage..
phone, yep, took one INTO the garage..

Go to a neighbor and call a friend, the one
who has another spare key?
She has an unlisted number and I don't know it.
it is programmed into the phone..
INSIDE the garage.
90 minutes pass
90 MINUTES!!!!

hit the four digit code

Meanwhile I kept working
in between retreating to the shade of the backyard,
and smacking my forehead..

Now here is where my kids would do an eye roll
Said a very fervent prayer to St Anthony....
tried twice more 
and she rolled up easy peasy.

The best gifts come in small packages.
a hummingbird
an open door

not yet sixty
356 more days to go
but I am getting myself into more
misadventures than I'd like.
ah hell,
gives me somethin' to write about.



Pendleton Primitives said...

Oh no. When my daughter was three she locked me out of the house when I stepped out to take the trash bag to the can. For thirty minutes I watched her giggle through the storm door as I pleaded to "let mommy in". I finally had to break a window to get in and trust me, I never made that mistake again. Cute little bird btw.

Nella said...

Dear sweet Suzan, you know and I know it was the prayer...and the tiny hummingbird just keeping an eye on you, that all is as it should be!! With age comes wisdom and gratitude mostly....I had my big 60 is just a number! You are never too old for new beginnings or new dreams! N.xoxo

Mary Ann said...

Oh my goodness! We have an unlocked window for just such a contingency, but I live in fear of doing something like this! I'm glad it finally worked.

helen tilston said...

I am laughing (I know I should not, sorry) at the comedy of errors. I am happy you gained entry to your own house.

What a beautiful visitor and how amusing

Have a great week

Helen xx

Terra said...

Thank you to St. Anthony and an answered prayer. I am glad you did not melt out in the heat.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Bless your heart. I'll be 60 next May, so I feel your pain.

cynthia lee designs said...

Love that first photo of the hummingbird!
Sorry to hear that you locked yourself out. I almost did that this past week when I went out to get the mail. For some reason, I started to lock the door behind me like I do when leaving the house. Thank goodness, I realized what I did and unlocked it.

Carole said...

Gosh I can just picture you cussing out there. Damn now you have to come up with another exit plan...or get a better door opener:)
I think the birdy did it, yes I do.


Bead and Needle said...

Oh, my GOD!!! I will drop that key off to you, tomorrow...otherwise, you won't have another month! Oh, Z...I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry!

Kathy said...

Forgive me for laughing as I pictured you on the driveway making war with the blower. What an awful day! My kids locked me out once and my oldest locked me in a bedroom once and I had to tear out the screen and go around and come in through the door. Sent them packing and everything has been fine since then.....8+)

Natacha said...

Haha, these things are very funny when they happen to somebody else!
Wishing you a wonderful day,

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I hope I'm laughing with you! I think things like this happen to all of us! I was at the gas station and locked my car with the keys, phone, etc inside. I don't know the number of anyone by heart...stupid. I walked two miles home and it was cold out. Believe me I don't step out of the car without those keys in my hand now! Hugs, Linda

Theresa said...

St. Anthony is a stand up guy... he has found many an item for me too! How lucky to have a hummingbird friend at your window. We used to have them at our last house, and now when I am lucky enough to spot one I do the happy dance! Keep on writing and I will keep on reading, I'm glad it all worked out, but ofcourse it did! t.xoxoxoox

Cindy said...

Now that I have quit laughing at the image in my head of you at war with the blower and cussing the door opener, I have to say I have done the same thing. It is not a good feeling to be locked out of your home! I had to crawl thru a much too small dog door that hasn't been used in forever..on a nasty garage floor..with spider webs. I now have several keys hid away!
But I am glad you had a cute bird to sing to you!

Low Tide High Style said...

Yikes Z! Our garage door keypad in the old house used to do the same thing from time to time, but it was never hot enough to fry an egg outside when it acted up. Glad you got back inside, and I'm betting you'll be finding another hiding place for a key!


The Boston Lady said...

Indeed, it is all fodder for the blog and you've made me feel good! I have company for my brainless actions now. Hope that heat goes away soon, Ann

Rebecca said...

Hey Girl
Never a dull moment, lesson learned... pray first :)
Because there always is a next time.

From where I stand 60 looks pretty good!
Love the little bird admiring himself with no care to the watch full eye on the other side of the glass...
Blessings today

Lana said...

YOU are a blessing in my life! I love your posts. But it's more than's the way you see things!! The hummingbird, the garage door FINALLY going up, the shade of the backyard...LOVE the way you look at life.
*Supposed to be 111 in Oklahoma tomorrow. Enough is enough.

Claudia said...

It happens to all of us at one time or another! And you think, why didn't I unlock another door. Or why didn't I bring the cell phone with me? This had me laughing.

Glad it all worked out.


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I bet you said that will never happen again but if you are like me, it will!

Cindi said...

Pretty bird -- love the backlight!

YONKS said...

Oh dear, I would have died in that heat! I have been lucky enough (not so lucky for the birds) to hold 2 humming birds in my hand. On both occasions they have been trapped indoors. They collapse with exhaustion after several hours. Very distressing to see but you cannot catch them. So fast and fragile. I then picked them up, warmed them in my hand and dipped their beaks in glucose water. Their little tongues dart in and out of the water and after about 5 minutes they both flew off, recovered. It is one of my most treasured memories! Like holding a living jewel :-)

Jill said...

So you made me think...your birthday was July 24th? I hope you had a good, no...a great celebration! I don't worry about growing older as I'm just grateful I'm still here! And, I'm sorry about your door but I enjoyed the story and your angst!! St. Anthony always pulls through for us. I also think the picture of the little bird is pretty special. :) said...

OMG my garage door does the same thing to me! But so far I haven't locked myself out...yet. Sooo.....Happy Birthday to you? Love your posts:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Evi said...

Dear Suzan, you always make me laugh. But did you have to pick such a hot day!!!
HIDE THE KEY OUTSIDE!!!! Been there, done that, and it is not funny seeing a plump woman climbing in to a small window. Thank God, there are no neighbors close by.
I think this birdie wanted to cheer you up.
Happy belated birthday you youngster!!!!!
Have a great weekend,
hugs, Evi

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

I miss all of the hummingbirds we had out west. Just not many here in Virginia, at least not in our yard this year. Great photo of your little bird friend! Just delightful. :-)