Monday, May 28, 2012


totally random day at old grey mare
need to change chalkboard to summer
my favorite cabinet I bought at auction with my dad and 
refinished with him when I was about 12
yes, I am organized behind closed doors also
(that's how I made it into the book :D)

burn candles even in summer
this one is scented orange - so yummy
still love mirror shots
making best pork loin ever ( thanks Sarah for the link)
be sure to make the glaze

Justice -"Wake up Howie"
Howie - "whaaa?"
"OK I guess I'm up - open open open"
"oh it's nice out here"
Thrown a few more curves -
laid off from work last week without warning.

Need to reboot

Meanwhile - staying close to home
luxuriating in my little abode
cleaning, fluffing, reading and hanging out in the garden, 
in the last few cool nights we'll have for months.
I love cocooning here - safe- happy
 *Costco premixed margarita is nice*
I know there is a path,
a reason, answers
is my new word
until my world rights itself.

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.


Karmen said...

Whopperjarred. Oh dear. Enjoy your nest; it sounds like a bit of heaven, but it's missing the jar of Whoppers. Karmen

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

Oh no - so sorry to hear about your work. I hope that this is a new beginning for something better, fingers crossed for you.

I love that cupboard that you bought with your dad, history is so comforting. take care x

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Z, so sorry to hear about your job, real kick in the pants. Love the cupboard you got with your Dad, family comfort is the best. Just keep feathering your nest, gardening and I`ll have a drink with you, mmmm good!! Blessings Francine.

Kathy said...

I am guessing you are feeling love/hate torn about the lay off. I am glad you are using the time for relaxing and enjoying the good kind of Las Vegas weather. Your garden looks wonderful!
Take good care.

helen tilston said...

Your home and garden is just beautiful and I know a week to adjust will prove wonderful.
I know you will find a great new position. In prayer I ask this.

Helen xx

Unknown said...

So sorry about the work situation. I can relate--been looking for work myself. Hang in there. Breath.

Robin Larkspur said...

Excellent word of yours! Sympathies about your job, that's 100% lousy. So like you said, regroup, and then come out fighting!! Love so much the photos!! Hugs.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I wish I could be home right now but taking care of my Mom is more important. I think I'll be able to go home late June...Mom is healing so well! Love your photos! Linda

Unknown said...

Hi Suz, did not like reading the job thing....I know you will be fine, you are a real little fighter..trooper I can guess! Your photo collages are did you do that?? I have so much to learn here....In the meantime enjoy the safety and comfort of your lovely home, and relish in the thought that we are all thinking of you! Much love, N.xo

Low Tide High Style said...

Oh geez, I'm sorry to hear about your layoff, but I hope you find something else that will make you much happier in the long run!


June said...

Hi Z,
I hope your world rights itself soon Z. I am so sorry about the layoff :(
but you still have the most beautiful home to luxuriate in!!!! and the cutest companions to warm your toes.

Is it super hot there yet? It has been so cold here this past week that I am about to come and join you in the lovely home of yours and you can send me home when I thaw out. It is supposed to start warming up again soon.
sending love...

wendy said...

Now THAT is a good word. It would be a shock to get layed off...if it was without any warning. But, hey like you said, enjoy a few days fluffing, regroup...then go after it.
Your world WILL right itself.
yummmm...and orange candle sounds nice.
I have a scentsy candle container...and I love it, and all my fun fragrances, summer, winter, spring and fall

Lana said...

Z, I'm actually writing more. Look for it :) Enjoy and embrace where you are in life right now...the morning time, your sweet little buddies, time to reflect and write. You're good at being you. :) *and, of course, we love it!!

the old white house said...

Wooperjarred... it sounds like a word that we will be using around here too! Spent the weekend doing around the yard stuff, weeding, clipping branches, etc... in between trying to stay cool.
I hope your week is wonderful!

gail said...

Hi Z....everything looks so wonderful. What orange candle do you use? I love anything spicy or citrus. Also would love the pork loin recipe.
On a serious note, sometimes we are hit with unexpected things that make us take stock of our lives. I think usually a lot of good comes out of these shakeups! I know you know that already, but had to say it.

Razmataz said...

OMG...those B____'s laying off the most organized and hardworking person ever....good grief. You have had far too many curve balls my friends. The wind will change direction soon and good things will blow in.

MEM said...

always enjoy checking in on you to see what's up. As the saying goes (paraphrased?) when one door closes another opens. From reading your blog, it is apparent you are a multitalented multigifted strong woman so given the wonderful written and photographic compostitions you create, I think the door is already starting to open. Smiles!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Major Bummer Girlfriend - so sorry to hear about the job crap. At least they picked a good season, no? Hoping and praying that this just sends you on a more fulfilling path.... In the meantime, no one does random better than you.....Beautiful! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Jillayne said...

Love your word - hate what happened. I understand that businesses have issues, blah, blah, blah but I couldn't lay someone off without warning and I just don't get it. To me it's like an employee walking out, without giving notice. That's considered a nasty thing to do but calling it a "Layoff" makes it alright?
I hope things come around for you soon - in the meanwhile, I am happy seeing you here.

Tanya said...

You know that Jillayne hit it EXACTLY on the head, about not giving warning, right?! :-)

Cheers, sweetie - good times ahead!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I am so sorry to hear that Z ~ but I do love the word!

Evi said...

just catching up with all your posts. Z, I am so sorry about the job loss. No warning, nothing...what is wrong with this country? Everytime I hear this...and I heard it from a friend 3 weeks ago...I get mad for the rudeness with which this is done.
As the saying goes :a door closes...a window opens. But until that window opens, it is a lot to deal with.
I am sending you strength and hugs,