Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Last Garage Sale

Every garage sale is "the last time we'll do this". BUT! It was a very long, sometimes insane day but a successful one, and a thank you shout out to all who stopped by. How many garage sales have you attended where there is a line to check out? I only lost my patience three times yesterday, and it appears that nothing was stolen this time, so that is an improvement. Of course the one item I really wanted to sell was my white computer desk so I did not have to store it in the garage, but alas, it is still with me...and at a bargain price (wink). Kathy took a full truck load down to Goodwill on her way home and my car is loaded for another run today. I have only two bins left with Holiday collectibles for...
It is the last time we'll do this.....uh huh

Queen of Hearts is closed. I will post pics of our creations after Feb 7th.

Till then - Peace

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