Sunday, September 21, 2008

I have learned a valuable lesson today, one which I already knew but ignored. Back up your computer stuff. Sat down today to send some things and my address book was gone "poof". After an hour with Apple Care,  (40 minutes with a language barrier) we discovered yep, it's gone!
I have managed to piece back together from saved emails everyone's address...I hope. 
The reason I mention it is this.....if you don't hear from me via email for a while, well, whoops, I may have missed adding you back in. If you check here regularly you won't miss any events. I always send out email alerts if you don't receive one and then see something listed here, please email me so I can add you back on. Again, sorry for the blip. As the Apple Guy says " this almost never happens to Macs." After 4 Macs  and no problems, I guess I was due.

Now, just this second, I discovered my one sprinkler station has been running for over an hour, because I was on the phone with India and forgot! Holy cow! . Maybe I should duck and cover, this has not been a good afternoon. Hope you all are faring a wee bit better. 

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